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NaNo 2008

Posted on 2008.11.02 at 01:00
So I decided this year to write 50k in continuations of existing works, be they fanfic or orig, posted or not.  If they're posted things, I'll post as I go, if not, I won't unless I decide to.

For today: 1700 (exactly) words of an existing orig fic.  Not posted anywhere.


Random Narnia fic

Posted on 2008.10.09 at 00:53
Rather sad,  but Susan always makes me sad.  Of course I don't  own copyrights to the books--and this is based on book-canon, not movie, though I don't think I have anything in it that really varies between the two.  And there are end-of-the-series spoilers, so beware if you ought.  Actually 10 connected 100-word drabbles more than a fic, exactly.


Ten Steps to Losing a CrownCollapse )


Two Random Writing Comments

Posted on 2008.01.31 at 23:41
1.) 'Exercise' is not the same as 'exorcise' , and making me giggle at the idea of a possessing spirit being taken to a gym and made to work out is probably not your goal with the use of the word.

2.) What is with everyone and their 'alpha male wants beta sexually' thing?  Cuz with wolves and whatnot?  The alphas want the other alphas.  Nobody else gets to have sex with anyone.  Do the alphas lead and control?  Absolutely.  But it's not about sex.  In a wolf  pack the alpha male and the alpha female are (usually) the only ones who mate, any other alphas are sent on their way to form new packs or die alone or take over, and non-alphas submit and serve and don't get laid.  K?  I get the whole human sexuality thing often a dominant personality and a submissive hooking up and whatnot--but it's not about alpha/beta-ness.  Really.  (This annoys me most with werewolves:p)


Random Tin Man ficcishness

Posted on 2008.01.04 at 23:36
Post end of the Tin Man miniseries. If you haven't seen it, probably won't interest you. If you haven't finished, here be spoilers. Read at your own risk.

No ships, no warnings, low rating, 359 words, blah blah blah.

SacrificeCollapse )


So I didn't write Friday, but did yesterday.

Posted on 2007.11.11 at 11:52
Here's yesterday--and dammit, I just realized that I lost about three hundred words.  *cries* *goes off to try to rebuild*  I'll post later if I can put it back together.  Damn, damn, damn.



Posted on 2007.11.08 at 17:39
I am randomly craving a hot bath.  I would go to great lengths to be able to stretch out in neck-deep hot water and half-nap while doing a bit of plotting.  This is a relatively rare thing for me: I have always enjoyed a bath from time to time, but I don't tend to miss it when I can't get one.  Right now, definitely with the missing.  Maybe I'll see if a hot shower can fill the void.  And I can always have a bath this weekend when I'm home, I suppose.

Also: LJ keeps saving my most recent entry as a draft so that every single time I go to post a new entry it asks if I want to continue from my draft.  Which is whatever my most recently posted entry was.  And it's really freaking annoying.


Aikido stuff

Posted on 2007.11.06 at 00:17
So met up with the potential sensei and the folks he found who are interested in aikido.  Seems like a good group--a couple I knew by sight form the hardware store, none who I knew terribly well.  One girl, four guys.  I have the most recent experience, though one guy sounded like he had a fair amount from a while back.

I'm really hoping to start soon--it seems like we might start as soon as within a week or so, but I don't really get how the approval to use space thing works much less how it will translate into timeframe, so it might be a while.  Hope not.  I'm really eager to get back on the mat--though I'm a little bit concerned about my knees standing up to it.


NaNoWriMo. Chapter One.

Posted on 2007.11.01 at 23:05
From this point hence it will be friendslocked, but I figured first chapter open never hurt anyone.  Heer's hoping I'm not the first:p

So we begin.  Current word count 1898.  Not an amazing beginning, but a strong enough one.

The story is using the rent-a-child concept I've thought of before.  No title yet, tho I played with the idea of A Year in the Life of a Rentboy.  But that was with a different character, and doesn't particularly seem like it fits Devon, who's less pissed off about everything and more shocky.

Lemme know what ya think.  If you are not on my friends list and wish to read, why then say so.  And I'll probably let you.  With the understanding that if you steal my work and publish it, I have friends who know how to use weapons to deadly effect.


Chapter OneCollapse )


So, uh

Posted on 2007.10.31 at 08:48
Happy Halloween!



Posted on 2007.10.21 at 20:45
"Serendipity isn't just when you're over-rewarded for a moderate effort, like when you dig for water and hit gold. It's also when you're cleaning your gun, which you've stupidly forgotten to unload, and it goes off unexpectedly and shoots the burglar you didn't even know was there squarely between the eyes." -- Walter Slovotsky.

You know what else it is? When you randomly comment on the fact that somebody's wearing a t-shirt featuring the martial art you used to train in, and it turns out that not only do they train, they're opening up a new dojo locally and are looking for an assistant and are beyond thrilled with the concept of one with things like knowledge and experience, since they were hoping for, at best, someone with moderate interest whom they could train into the position.

For that matter, the other end might be serendipitous, too!

In other words? I's gettin my butt back on the mat.

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